DIY Home Repair Tips-Before You call In The Professionals

Repairs around your home can often add up and become increasingly costly over time.  Knowing how to handle a few DIY home repair fixes can save you from having to call a handyman or other home service. So but down the phone, stop the web searches and grab these do it yourself tips, and check out the video for a few laughs. In all seriousness, it’s important you follow guidelines as to not have these types of disasters occur!

DIY Home Repair Tips

  • Refrigerator Isn’t Running Right- First check the temperature gauge and make sure it didn’t get turned down accidentally.  If it’s ok, pull the fridge out and take a look at the coils. They are usually located at the back or underneath. Over time these coils can be coated with pet hair, dust and other debris making your fridge work harder and thus slower to cool to temperature.  Clean them off and things should be as good as new.
  • Faucet Issues- Water isn’t running right, pressure is to low?Check the aerator.  It’s the little mesh screen like thing that is at the tip of your faucet on the inside.  After time, especially for those of us with hard water in our homes, this piece has a build up of minerals and other debris thus clogging the faucet and obstructing water flow
  • Fix Your Own Drywall- Even though it may look a bit intimidating it’s actually quite easy! Take a trip your local hardware store and pick up a drywall repair kit & a putty knife.  Follow the instructions and you have a quick, low cost do it yourself fix!
  • Water Heater Problems- People tend to panic when something goes wrong with their hot water heater.  Afterall we need hot water because no one really like a cold shower that much. If your water isn’t getting as hot as it should take off the hot water heater cover and check to make sure the pilot light is still lit. You can always take a look at your owners manual for other troubleshooting tips before you call the plumber!

These 4 tips alone can save you unneeded calls to the professionals and get your home back in shape in no time.  Another idea, should you think there may be an easy fix, is to google the problem you are experiencing. There are often tips, tricks, and directions to DIY home repairs and such all over the internet! We hope you enjoy the funny video as well.  Home repairs can be stressful and annoying. We thought we could add a little humor to the situation, Cheers!


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